Tyre Storage

Tyre Storage

Changing your tyres according to the season will increase your safety. If you cannot or do not wish to store a second set of tyres, Standard pneu can offer you a tyre storage service.

Whenever you purchase a new set of tyres, Standard pneu will store your second set free of charge for the first season. Please call in or contact us for pricing details.

When the season changes, please remember to call us in advance so that we can retrieve your tyres from our warehouse.

Other services

As a tire specialist in Brussels, StandardPneu offers the following services:


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Steering Geometry

Any new tyres or the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle will definitely last longer if the steering …

Chains and Socks

If you have to travel in snow-covered areas, then do consider fitting snow chains or snow socks …


If you are opting for new tyres, Standard pneu can fit them without any prior appointment    …


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